Rotary District 7670 Documents

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Pink Pages 23-24.xlsx17 KB07/22/23 at 05:17 AM
2023-24 Pink Pages FINAL.pdf263 KB07/19/23 at 01:29 PM
2023-24 PETS 7670 Manual FINAL for PETS.pdf2 MB07/19/23 at 01:28 PM
Budget Presentation 2023-2024.pdf374 KB03/19/23 at 09:29 AM
Community Projects Presentation.pdf490 KB03/19/23 at 08:45 AM
PrePETS Presidents Letter umbrella.pdf102 KB02/15/23 at 01:18 PM
PrePETS 2-11-23 Final Agenda.docx48 KB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
PrePETS District Communications Officer Presentation.pdf2 MB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
Pre-PETS Rotary Club Central Resources.pdf503 KB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
Pre-PETS How to set goals in Rotary Club Central.pdf530 KB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
PrePETS Things to know about Carolina's PETS.pdf483 KB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
Pre-PETS Scavenger Hunt 2023.docx52 KB02/13/23 at 03:22 PM
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T2324EN_Vertical_RGB.jpg50 KB01/10/23 at 03:16 PM
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theme-23-24-logo-and-guidelines-en.zip8 MB01/10/23 at 03:14 PM
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